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Have you ever seen your building supervisor accessing all the locks with just one key? This key is called a master key and is popularly used by businesses, hotels, warehouses, apartments for the convenience it offers. A master key allows you to access all locks with just one key so that you don’t have to carry around a bunch of keys with you. Capitol Locksmith Service locksmiths specialize in providing master key solutions to clients in La Porte, TX and help them understand the nitty-gritty of an advanced master key system.

How the system works?

Master key systems are configured in a specific way which allows accessibility via a single key – the master key. These special locks can be operated either by the master key itself, or a key specific to that lock. All these locks are part of a certain set and contain a mechanism that can only be operated by its unique key. Apart from that, the locks are enabled with a second mechanism that is common throughout the set. This second mechanism allows a master key to access all the locks in the set. Accessibility can be handed down further with the development of sub-master keys. Such systems are often used by a large organization with a strong hierarchal structure.

Benefits of the system

Capitol Locksmith Service La Porte, TX 281-872-6509Master key systems offer many benefits, such as:

  • It eliminates the use of multiple keys
  • Single key for all the locks 
  • A misplaced key doesn’t take away access to certain areas
  • Master key system allows you to enforce access restriction 
  • Offers greater control 

Master key systems often several advantages and it is essential to understand if you require one or not. Our experts can assess the state of security at your home or workplace and offer genuine advice on whether to opt for such an advanced system. If you do need a master key system, our experts can also guide on how to install one and customize it as per your requirement. It’s always good to have a friendly team advising you on technical security matters like these and Capitol Locksmith Service is always happy to help. 

24/7 master key services:

We offer 24x7 services to all our clients in La Porte, TX and send our experts even in the middle of the night for issues like misplaced keys or system glitches. Call our 24-hour helpline if you are experiencing any trouble related to your master key system and we will reach you right away.